About Us



Over 30 years ago, husband and wife team, Giorgio and Jackie Basmajian, had a dream of opening their own retail jewelry store and expose the public to the beauty of fine imported Italian jewelry. They were already in the wholesale jewelry business, so it seemed like a logical step. When the opportunity arose, they opened Giorgio Conti Jewelers in the Advance Building in Southfield, Michigan. The duo ran an 800 square foot store by themselves with the staff doubling in the summer and holiday season when their two sons were expected to help out when not in school. This intimate setting led the family to establish a close relationships with their clients and really understand and address their needs. Customer satisfaction always came before profits.


That motto still holds true today. A loyal and ever growing clientele has helped the company become one of the leading jewelers in the area. Today, Giorgio Conti Jewelers is a 4500 square feet jewelry store which includes retail space, private showrooms, a gemological laboratory, production department, and a watch & jewelry repair center. Giorgio Conti Jewelers is an authorized dealer of high quality designer jewelry and watch brands. For those who want something a little more personal, Giorgio Conti Jewelers offers designers on staff. Giorgio Conti Jewelers is also a true diamond broker and imports their diamonds directly from overseas and houses over 500 certified diamonds at all times.

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