Custom Designs

Sometimes you have this vision of the perfect engagement ring in mind but just can't seem to find it anywhere; a combination of different styles all blended into the "PERFECT" ring. Or maybe its a custom pendant of a specific logo or icon that no one else has. Or maybe its a necklace that you want your own way. Anything that you can dream of, we can create! Our on site jewelers will create that perfect one-of-a-kind piece! One-on-one consultations can be set up to create the jewelry design of your dreams! The process is quite simple and involves three steps:


  • Hand-Drawn Sketch The first step involves putting your ideas, dreams, and imagination into picture. It's making the vision come to life. We will sit with you during a one on one consultation where you can express your ideas, pictures, and so forth so that we can hand sketch your jewelry piece so that you can envision it. Only after the sketch has been approved by the client do we move on to the next step.
  • Building A Wax Model In order to get the piece just right, the client is then shown a wax model of the piece. This wax model is constructed using highly technical equipment that builds the model layer after layer. The wax is then perfect by hand to get all the components of the piece just right. The client is then shown the wax and can make any changes if necessary. The model is then created using the precious metal of your choice. All that's left is putting the finishing touches to the product.
  • Finished Jewelry The last step involves polishing the piece and adding diamonds or other precious stones to the piece. Each stone is chosen individual based on the clients wants and are set individually by our master diamond setters. Any intricate designs and engravings are added to the piece during this stage. The piece is again hand polished and final inspections are made to make sure the client is getting just what was asked for and that we have successfully made dreams reality!


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